The Shocking Brutal Truth of Eggs Industry



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Millions of baby chicks are grind alive in Egg Industry.

Hy-Line in Iowa splits out males from the female chicks by tossing the males in the chute to grind them alive

Thrown, crashed, and mutilate alive, this is a harsh reality that is faced by millions of chicks daily at one of the world’s largest egg-laying institution named Hy-Line International located in Spencer, Iowa.

In some cases, one gets to see something very unusual or jaw dropping that can sends chill down the spine and suddenly followed by anger. When I saw this on a Youtube video, I had a similar experience. All those who love to eat eggs must watch this video and get to know the truth behind it. It shows how a lot of furry chicks are dropped into a machine which then grinds them alive. Caution: It is very hard to watch it and still not cringe at; it for most people

The warm, kind, and caring wings of mothers of these recently hatched chicks’ are replaced with enormous machines, distressing noise, rapidly moving conveyor belts, and ruthless handling where they are sorted out, discarded, and gripped like non living things in the machine.

For about 150,000 male baby chickens that emerge in every 24 hours in the Hy-Line place, their life story begins and finishes the very same day. They are grabbed ruthlessly by their delicate wings by the workers in the facility known as the ‘sexers,’ who separate the males from females. These little male animals are coldheartedly thrown into the chutes and dragged away towards their deaths. This is done so because they have to die the same day since they cannot lay eggs and even do not grow fast enough to provide profits for their meat. The grinding machine cuts short their lives when they are thrown into it and cut brutally with a rotating auger followed by being torn to little pieces with the help of a high-force macerator.

This equals to over 22 million male baby chickens meeting this kind of fate every year at this place.

And this is just a beginning of a cruel life for surviving females who are confined at the brutal hands of egg industry. Before leaving the hatchery, the female chicks are snapped by their fragile heads in a whirling debeaker and a part of their very sensitive beaks are removed through a laser. After this, the workers toss them before placing them in a group of 100 in a box after which they are shipped throughout the nation.

The uncaring disrespect for animal wellbeing is not isolated at this facility. Actually, these harsh conditions provided during the investigation are in fact totally acceptable and are a standard in the egg industry business. These chicks are referred as mere “genetic products” by the Hy-Line business leaders and are treated like lifeless objects rather than responsive and beautiful creatures.

This is so done due to the high consumer demand by which the egg industry continues to abuse and kill one day old animals for their own profits. The educated consumers can instead put their morals on the table first by selecting compassion over brutality at every meal by accepting a vegan diet which is totally animal friendly.

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