Day: 18

Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Summit For Breakthrough Cure For Cancer (Watch Video)

The medical community at large is a gasp as several holistic doctors were found dead after apparently committing “suicide” over the last year. The fatalities have seemingly occurred after a breakthrough cancer treatment was just announced. What is This New Treatment? The newly developed cancer treatment involves the human protein GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating

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The Earth Was Ruled By Eight Immortal Kings For 241,200 Years

More than a dozen copies of a mysterious text referred to as the Sumerian King Lists have been uncovered over the years by archaeologists in regions as disparate as ancient Babylon, Susa, and Assyria. They are all believed to be copies of a single original manuscript which is thought to have been written during the

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Alien Soldier Spotted Stalking Curiosity Rover On Mars

NASA’s curiosity rover has stumbled upon some very interesting findings on Mars and for those of you who are interested into the Red Planet, their photographs are available online for everyone to see. That’s how I came across a mysterious object, going through their archives I found something that most definitely looks like an ancient

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