Day: 10

The Best Age To Have A Baby

We’ve all struggled with the right time to settle down and have kids. Should we start early so we’re younger and have more energy as they grow up? Or should we wait until later, when we’re more established, both in our personal and profession lives? Studies have been done and research shows the best time

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Spectacular UFO Footage From NASA’S STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle

When it comes to real footage of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission definitely ranks as some of the best. This footage is real and well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions. The video below shows as many as a dozen

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The World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth At The Age Of 5

Planet Earth is a mysterious and amazing place. There is a tremendous variety of plants, animals and even human beings. Some people still find it disconcerting to find extreme varieties among living things. Whether it be intelligence, weight, height or some other feature, the society we live in marks them as “freaks” and sometimes they have

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