UFO Drops Off Whale In Wrong Place Found On Grass In Oklahoma

Whales live in oceans right? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the only place you’ll find them, as the people cleaning the river banks in Oklahoma discovered by accident. Can you imagine their surprise when they found a 40 foot humpback in the grass, 5 meters from the river bank?


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As sci-fi as this sound, it’s exactly what happened and it’s got everyone stumped. How did the whale end up 400 miles from the ocean in Oklahoma?

There are no tracks of vehicles anywhere in the vicinity, so our best guess would be that a UFO dropped it there, it’s the most logical explanation. There have been similar UFO reports before, where a UFO would be seen in the area and all of a sudden people would find live salmon dropped around in their backyards, sometimes even frogs, snakes and worms. A couple of times they’ve even reported seeing crystal jelly balls.