This charity is unique!


Poverty is bad and worst when experience as a child.
They should study but can’t- because of struggle for food.

Would you help them if you can?

Did you know that just 15$ from you can fund food for 1 kid for an entire year!

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, India based NGO, runs one of the world’s largest mid-day meal programs- freshly cooked meals to 1.5 million children daily!

It carries it out in more than 9,000 Government schools across 20 locations in 10 states of India!

The foundation unites both good management as well as innovative technology to carry school lunch at a minimal cost.

Its objectives are:

·         Avoid classroom hunger

·         Increase school enrolment

·         Increase school attendance

·         Improve socialization among castes

·         Address malnutrition

·         Community development by empowering women

You too can support Akshaya Patra by donating here:

You can always lend a helping hand in such good deeds…