People In This Village Willingly Send Their Parents As Prey To The Tigers For A Weird Reason

Tigers are nowadays one of the rarest kinds of animals alive. As much as mean possible measures are taken to protect their specimen, the same measures were taken in protecting people from them. India too has a pretty well number of Tiger Reserves, out of tens them, Uttar Pradesh’s Pilbihit Tiger Reserve holds a special place for tons of reasons.


But, there’s a creepy reason for which this is the most controversial Tiger Reserve in India, the recent forensic reports from the Police department says so for all weird reasons. Reports stated that over 7 human bodies were discovered throughout the accessible places in the Pilibhit village, and, to much surprise, all those bodies belonged to the old people who were utmost older than 50.

The typical research done throughout the village has revealed some really nerve-biting reason behind this. Just as authorities had expected, it is so that the local villagers send their parents as prey to the predators just to bag the compensation money from the government.

On a brief note, it is very much clear that those who are more than 50 years cannot afford to hit the forests and be of any use. So, just to play a safe-side, people force their parents into the predators’ circle and defend themselves from falling into Poverty.

Talking about this, an official named Kalim Athar of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), a central government agency, concluded that after keen looking into the individual cases, details of the location of the bodies, locals’ accounts, stated, “Bureau authorities have decided to refer the matter to the National Tiger Conservation Authority for further action.”

Further investigation revealed many other details, as of now, over 7 dead bodies were discovered in this area, which is more than 20 if total stats are taken into consideration. A 60-Year-Old farmer belonging to this village said, “They think that since they can’t get resources from the forest, this is the only way their families can escape poverty.”

The last case registered was in July of this year in which a 55-Year-Old woman’s dead body was discovered, it is said that the Tiger killed her while working at the field.

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