Day: 4

Five Things That Just Don’t Add Up About The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those killed or injured in the Las Vegas shooting, and in a nation where so many anti-Americans are kneeling in pampered protest, this mass shooting saw veterans and police officers standing up, helping the victims and heading straight for the shooter to take him out. Real Americans don’t kneel,

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Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself This Question Every Morning

Surprisingly, what you compel yourself to think the moment you awakeeach morning has a profound effect on the way the rest of your day—and life—might go. So, if you immediately begin contemplating the tens of emails you’ll have to read, the reams of work you’ll have to finish, or loads of laundry (and other housework) you’ll have to

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Model Reveals The Perfect Poses  To Make Your Body Look Perfect In Photos

via distractify Model Reveals The Poses People Stand In To Make Their Bodies Look Perfect In Photos. If you’re like most people, you take one look at someone’s fabulous Instagram account and immediately feel inadequate. Everyone has thin waists, tight abs and booties that defy gravity. Everyone’s faces are blemish-free, and the light hits them

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