[UPDATE] Ungrateful Teenage Son Beats Mother And Asks For Money, Netizens Wants Him Arrested

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Hamzah Alias said that the teen had initially asked his mother for RM2 but lost his temper when she refused, he then tried to grab RM17 from her before becoming violent.

It is understood that another family member shot the video.

The family made a police report as they’re worried for the teen’s safety after the video went viral.

“We have taken statements from everyone involved and the parent of the boy do not want to press charges against him.

“A urine test of the teen also came back negative for drugs.”

The family claimed that this was the first time such an incident occurred, but police are still carrying on their investigation under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt which carries a maximum of one-year jail term or fine, or both if convicted.

A mother provides unconditional love for her child, no matter what happens to her, she will provide only the best for her baby! She spends 9 to 10 months carrying her child in her womb and she will spend the rest of her life providing and caring for her child.

A child’s responsibility towards their mother is to return the love and care and make her feel like the queen in their lives! Mothers should be the number one woman in all of our lives.

Sadly, there is a few percentage of people who do not appreciate the life that their mother has given to them and take their love and kindness for granted.

Take this teenage boy for an example, he just a teenager still in school and has a roof over his head, and yet he still treats his mother like an ATM machine, asking for money whenever he wants.

A video of the boy surfaced on Facebook and is garnering a lot of attention with over 11,000 views!

The video shows the teenager punching his mother on her bicep, and demanded she gives him ALL of her money she had in her bag. Although he is ‘decent’ enough not to go through her purse without consent, he still is a cruel human being to demand money from his mother!

We noticed that there was a man sitting at the dining table not acknowledging the beating, the man could be the father or a relative to them, we’re not too sure. But if he was really the father, you could only imagine if the mother is in an abusive relationship. This is because children learn from example, maybe he witnessed his father beating his mother while he was growing up and he learned from it.

With his pants not properly worn, he shouted at her to hand over all of her cash, and when she said she needed some of the money for some other things, he throws a fit!


What kind of child is this? Did his friends at school teach him to disrespect his mother this way or is he involved in any illegal activities that require lots of money?

It is so sad to see a child disrespecting his own biological mother this way, did she not provide enough for you? She gave you her life and even put you through school for you to have a brighter future, but this is what she got in return?

You better watch out, if it leads to the point where your mother disowns your or curse you, you’ll end up like Si Tanggang (a character from a novel we read in high school, he got cursed by his mother for being an ungrateful son and turned to stone).

The teenager’s actions sparked outrage among netizens, and people want him arrested! Self-proclaimed private investigators, get to work! Find out this boy’s identity so that the police can investigate on the family and save his mother!

We’ve seen cases like this happening some even in front of our eyes, husbands beating up wives, wives beating up husbands, and children beating up their parents.

Source : thecoverage.my