This Man Raped his Daughter Each Time his Wife Was Not Around.

People in the sleepy town of Purnia in Bihar are having sleepless night over an ‘incestuous relationship’ between a father and daughter. It is understood that the man lived with his daughter as her husband and the two would engage in sexual encounters each time his wife would visit her maternal home.

However, it was learnt that when the girl resisted her father’s advance she would face death threats, but mustered enough courage to narrate what what she endured to her mother when she was not present in the house.

This Man In Bihar Kept His Daughter As Wife So He Could Have Sex With Her; He ‘Used’ Daughter Each Time Wife Was Not Around
A report claimed that the girl’s mother had left for her maternal home for few days after an argument broke between her and accused husband Ajit Jha.

Immediately after, as the report claimed, the man started misbehaving with the 13-year-old daughter and began treating her as his wife.
 House Where Minor Was Repeatedly Raped
After days of “rape” by her father, the frightened girl finally broke silence and revealed her ordeal to the relatives and soon her mother learnt of it.
The mother approached the police to file a case of rape against her husband following female station officer in charge Madhuri Singh registered the case against Ajit Jha and he was taken into custody.