These Fold-Out Off-Grid Homes Can Be Built In 6 Hours For Only $33K

This is a stunning example of a tiny home.

The cost of house prices rising above what the average person can afford has forced people to come up with ingenious alternatives.

Tiny homes are increasingly popular as an alternative to bricks and mortar.


They are cheap, effective solutions to the housing crisis, and the design that goes into every one makes them interesting and unusual places to live – perfect for people who like to stand out from the crowd.

The ethos that surrounds tiny homes is usually one that promotes self-sustainability and a reduction in using resources. People who wish to live ‘off-grid’ can often achieve this dream by choosing a tiny home.

This particular example of a tiny home has been designed and built by Italian Renator Vidal.


The design is called the M.A.Di flatpack, and costs just $33,000 – the fraction of the price that is would cost to buy a new home.



The company claim that this amazing feat of engineering can be assembled in just 6 hours, much quicker than the option some first time homeowners choose of building their own house which can take months.

The tiny home is built with quality materials and can be assembled in any flat location. It comes in two different sizes, the $33k home is a compact 290 square feet and there is a larger option, the 904 square feet option which costs $73,000.




As with most tiny homes, the renewable credentials for this version are excellent. The home is fitted with solar panels, grey water systems and LED lighting..

Although the design is pared-down, the home includes everything you would expect from a ‘normal’ house, including a modern bathroom, kitchen with all the usual appliances and a substantial staircase.

Italian Renator Vidal have said:

“It creates cosy and safe places highly customizable according to your needs,”

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