We are used to drink colder water during meals. The refreshing feeling of the cold water can compliment the taste of a great meal. But new studies have shown that we should be drinking warm water during or after meals. Researchers found out that drinking cold water is linked to a variety of diseases in the digestive tract and may cause heart attack.


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The most healthy drink to compliment a meal as demonstrated by Eastern Cultures is a hot cup of tea. Drinking cold water isn’t as popular until the advent of refrigeration and during the early 20th Century. The practice of drinking cold water became more popular when fast-foods sell ice cold drinks like soda, iced tea and plain cold water. It turned out that the practice of cold drinks during meals is not good for your health.


The blood on the water test is a concrete proof on what cold water can do to your circulatory system. The first image shows a stark comparison of how a human blood reacts on cold and hot water. Coagulation of the blood is seen on cold water while blood just blends with the warm water.


Warm water in contrast aids digestion, relieve migraines and prevents heartburn. Drinking cold water does not offer these health benefits. The video below shows what cold water can do to your health.

Source : thealternativeworld.net