Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds

Why the cure for cancer has been so elusive.

We now have treatments and cures for many once killer diseases, yet there has to date been no successful ‘cure’ for cancer.

Many doctors have their own theories and indeed have tested these methods on how they believe cancer can be cured, but without the backing of the government and money injections these theories never seem to get off the ground, the cure for cancer will be decided when the government decides they are ready to reveal it.

Stanislaw Burzynski is one doctor who believes he has the ability to cure cancer, using strictly natural methods.

But he was shut down by the system and banned from getting his message to the masses. The drug that he developed was banned from being allowed in the mainstream, but thankfully now the decision has been overturned.

Burzynski has worked on developing Antineoplastons. In the form of injection, this natural drug cures cancer without the need for patients to be on any long term anti-cancer medications – a huge blow to Big Pharma and the billions of dollars they make every year selling their cancer drugs.

Alternative medicine is such a big threat to the pharmaceutical company, and therefore the government, who are payed huge sums of money by the industry in lobby money, as the drug companies seek to keep the government sweet in order for them to carry on their misguided practices.


Burzynski Research Institute, Inc has released a statement highlighting how a 2-year ban on them releasing the results of their research on Antineoplastons injections has been lifted.

In the four different phases of cancer treatment tests, their drug is now able to progress to phase three – ‘To verify that standard treatment is less effective than new treatment’.

Dr. Burzynski’s clinic has focussed on analyzing 24,000 different genes and how diet and lifestyle have profound effects of the development of cancer, and how to use this to treat and prevent it.

Source : RealFarmacy