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Natural Remedies And Cure

Say Goodbye To Brain Haemorrhages, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s And More With The Use Of These Simple Leaves!


Scientists have proved that the extract of olive tree leaves is excellent because of its beneficial properties. It can treat numerous different illnesses. The benefits that these leaves can have help in: the cardiovascular and immune system, they increase our energy, promote a healthy blood pressure, prevent diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Olives are cultivated in […]

How Fasting Can Help You Live Longer


The types and quality of food you eat influences more than how much you weigh. Food has an effect on your metabolism, insulin production, leptin release and a myriad of other hormonal and chemical balances. Scientists are also examining the way fasting affects cellular and mitochondrial function, and longevity. They’ve found the cells in your […]

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