This OIL kills cancer cells more effectively than chemotherapy!
The cannabis or cannabinoid oil can kill cancer cells.


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When an 8 month old infant was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, the baby’s father did something unique and amazing.
In a normal circumstance, the infant could have undergone a chemotherapy treatment but the baby’s father started applying CANNABIS OIL to his child’s pacifier.

“My youngest patient at the age of only 8 months had an extremely enormous centrally positioned and untreatable brain cancer. They were applying cannabinoid oil on infant’s pacifier two times a day and increasing its dose…And just within two months, we could notice a dramatic reduction- sufficient for the pediatric oncologist to allow them to not pursue traditional therapy,” Dr. Courtney said

And within a matter of only two months, with the help of cannabis oil, the tumor shrank and did not require the chemo treatment at all.