Day: 24

Scientists Store Nuclear Waste In Diamonds And Turn Them Into Batteries Lasting 50 Centuries

Since the first generation of Magnox nuclear reactors in the UK produced during the 1950’s and up until the 1970’s were put into use, scientists have used graphite blocks to support the nuclear reactions.  These graphite blocks have sustained so much radiation that they, themselves, have become radioactive and produce a radioactive isotope called carbon-14. Until now, we haven’t

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Prince Harry Reveals Distress At Diana’s Funeral

In an interview with Newsweek, Prince Harry reveals his distress at being asked to walk behind his mother’s coffin ‘surrounded by thousands of people’ after her death in Paris almost 20 years ago. Britain’s Prince Harry has spoken out about the heartbreaking images of him following his mother’s coffin during her 1997 funeral, telling Newsweek

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