Day: June 27, 2017

Know The Warning Signs: Human Trafficking In Airports


The Transportation Security Administration advises everyone traveling to the skies this summer to be on the look out for passengers who might be victims of human trafficking. The TSA reports two million people fly every day in the United States. TSA Security Director for the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport James Scott says there is […]

22 Photos Donald Trump Didn’t Want You To See


Donald Trump constantly wants himself to be painted in the best possible light. The problem is that he’s a celebrity and now, a politician; this kind of coverage is often unforgiving. Add to that his larger-than-life personality, and you have a whole slew of cringe worthy photos and moments our President would probably like to […]

Alcoholism Continues Long After You Stop Drinking


It is easy to get morphine in University College hospital, London, if you are a good liar. It hurts, you tell the midwife, although you can’t feel anything, being so high on morphine already that someone could hit you with a sledgehammer and you would only laugh: what else you got? It was close to […]