Month: January 2018

Could the Super Blue Blood Moon Help Find Aliens?


Something unusual will happen on January 31. A total lunar eclipse, which will be visible from Asia, Australasia and North and Central America, will coincide with a “blue moon” and a “supermoon” in what some are calling a “super blue blood moon.” The event, which for western hemisphere observers happens for the first time in […]

John Podesta Outlines Plans For ‘MASS Human Population Reduction’


Writing for a mainstream news outlet, The Washington Podesta claims that implementation of mass depopulation of humans on the planet is “absolutely necessary” in order to “reduce carbon emissions by 2050.” Of course, he isn’t alone. Mass depopulation has been carved in stone, literally, at the Georgia Guidestones which lists commandments including reducing the worlds […]

Troops Drink Blood From Headless Snakes [Watch]


It was a balmy Wednesday morning when elite Indonesian troops drank blood from decapitated snakes for a grinning Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Dozens of troops took part in an elaborate demonstration at the armed forces headquarters to cap Mattis’s two-day visit to the country as the United States looks to bolster military relationships in Southeast […]

The Best Cooking Oil For Your Heart


Here are various oils available for cooking and which one we should use? Fats and oils are an indispensable part of Indian cooking, irrespective of which region you belong to. And fats and oils are an essential food item as they not only provide us the essential fatty acids, but also perform a host of […]

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