Know The Warning Signs: Human Trafficking In Airports


The Transportation Security Administration advises everyone traveling to the skies this summer to be on the look out for passengers who might be victims of human trafficking.

The TSA reports two million people fly every day in the United States. TSA Security Director for the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport James Scott says there is a strong possibility people aboard a flight might be connected to human trafficking.

He encourages everyone to know the warning signs.

“[Victims] might have some bruises on them, don’t have their boarding passes or their identification is carried by someone else. They are not allowed to speak, it’s like someone else will speak for them,” Scott says.

Each year the TSA undergoes annual training in accordance to the Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign. Since 2010, along with Immigration Customs and Enforcement, the campaign, encourages the awareness for employees and passengers to spot and intervene in cases of potential human trafficking.

Scott also wants people to know human trafficking isn’t just happening to girls in the sex trade but its reach engulfs people from all backgrounds and ages.

“It’s not all about sexual crimes, it could be about forced labor, it could be about someone in this country and not being paid,” Scott said.