12 Hilarious Texts From Parents To Their Children

The way technology is used by different generations surprises people in various aspects. But the learning experiences of parents are pretty gut-busting making everyone ROFL! Have a look at these amusing conversations between parents and their children for a fun time:-

Misunderstanding the text

10 texts from the Dad about the meeting were not enough to understand, so a simple question is worth asking again. Really?

Mom’s love

Even if you do not have a boyfriend but have a mom like this, your day would start and end on a loving note.

Killer smartness played by Dad

The Moth was kind enough to revert to the child’s reply in absence of the father- just playing a caring role!

This Dad is so caring

The caring role of a father is well played by this man by immediately informing his child about him being absentminded.

Secretive plan for daughter’s Hookup

This Mom does not want her beautiful daughter to stay single for long so her way of secretive hunting for boyfriends is really charming.

The pretty picture says it all

The finger covering the camera lens and still trying to show the scenic view is one of the perfect examples of how this mom is feeling without her child.

Learning has no age

Coping up with the 21st century for a parent is not that difficult. All that matters is that at least you try it once. And she did!

The first-time user trying the voice command

She took the voice command too seriously that even the ‘SPACE’ command was used literally.

Never ignore what your Mom says

Listening to your Mom at the very first go and adhering to it seriously would definitely fetch you fruitful results.

This time the Mom sounds more intelligent

Abbreviations for the modern generation are just too obvious and this Mom seriously intended to learn something new. Wish it would have been in bulleted points!

An Unusual Gift

This wife expected something better than what she actually got as an anniversary gift. Looks to be annoyed.

Forgetting someone is made so easier

A better explanation is not possible to ask your crush to forget you with such an ease.

Source : fewunknownfacts.com/2017/07/03/12-hilarious-texts-from-parents-to-their-children