When Abused Pit Bull Is Adopted, He Freaks Out When It Noticed Who Was Adopting Him

When you rescue any pet that has gone through a lot of abuses, it becomes a heart warming gesture. The animal then has to face a long road to recovery followed by gaining trust and opening up with humans again.

Another difficult part is to find a perfect home for the rescued animal where he would be taken care of well and loved forever.

Continue reading the story of a three-month-old puppy, Mojo

Living in Terrible Conditions

The day Mojo was rescued from a home, it was clear that he had suffered through a lot of abuse and had a severe case of mange. He was neglected and was in a horrible physical shape.


Nobody would have expected how things will take turn out positively for him after he was rescued.


The Man Who Stepped in

Joey Wagner, the owner of a non-profit organization in Canada, immediately rushed the puppy to an animal hospital.


Mojo was lucky that he received timely aid else a small delay in reaching hospital could have cost him his life.


The Path to Recovery

According to veterinariansMojo was slowly on his way to recovery. There were a lot of requests for adoption but the center couldn’t consider regular adoption procedures due to his condition.


Since the recovery was too intense there were fewer chances of him being adopted by public and personal care in the hospital was suggested.

Mojo met his new Owner

On hearing about the puppy’s adoption, Joey took an extra step and decided to give Mojo a new home by raising it himself.


Once Joey entered the room where Mojo was having his routine examination, the puppy immediately recognized the man who saved him.


Read on further to know about Mojo’s reaction towards Joey.


A Happy Ending

The moment when Mojo met his new owner was priceless and the puppy couldn’t stop giving Joey hugs and kisses.


Both Joey and Mojo couldn’t stop smiling when they were reunited. We all know that it is a relief when such needy pets get adopted and are taken care properly by their owners.


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Source : fewunknownfacts.com/2017/08/09/when-abused-pit-bull-is-adopted-he-freaks-out-when-it-noticed-who-was-adopting-him/