This Is What Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Like Without All The Cosmetic Surgery

Michael Jackson had a long career spanning 45 out of his 50 years. The world was constantly watching him right from his ups and downs. It is no secret that Michael Jackson who started as a young star and the one we remember today looked like two different people.

Have you ever tried finding out the reason behind his transformation? Well, just read on and get to know some facts of Jackson’s life

He Went Through A Change

Michael, the king of the pop, had undergone surgeries to change the structure of his face. The change was so radical and extreme that those who know Michael today would not be able to believe if they see his older picture when he was young.

Although the star denied going through a number of surgeries his love for surgery was as famous as his music.

The Path to the Change was Difficult

If you think cosmetic surgery is simple then you are wrong. As per the experts, Michael’s transformation also involved many difficult procedures including, cheek implants, skin bleaching, chin restructuring, botox, fillers and lip augmentation.

He also faced issues with his breathing as a result of a number of operations done on the nose.


He Had a Troubled Childhood

There are many who wonder how Michael would look had he not gone through all such procedures. But sources believe that all this pain to look good was tied to his troubled childhood which had a lot of abuse and a lot of pressure to gain spotlight at a young age.

Some experts also say that he suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

10 Faces of Michael Jackson

In this documentary, there was a photo which experts believed he would look like without any surgery. The film also had a mention of his sister La Toya who revealed how nervous Michael was at his first rhinoplasty.

He was so nervous that he convinced her sister to get her nose done so that he could see how it looked and if it hurts or not.

Once she got her nose job done and Michael was convinced, he went ahead for the operation in 1979.

Michael Denied Getting Surgeries Done

In one of the interviews with Martin Bashir, Jackson denied going through any surgeries even though he had been through as many as 100 such procedures as per body dysmorphic disorder expert, Dr. Eda Gorbis.

This was the photo which the documentary believed Jackson would look like if he didn’t get any surgery done.

Whatever be the troubles he faced and how he looked, people had loved him and will keep doing so unconditionally.

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