1000 Years Old Tree Though Looks Normal But Is Hiding A Lot Inside

Nature is often an inspiration for us and it has its own unique way of creation. It is often an inspiration for design and architecture. We’ve all come across beautiful tree houses and temporary creations on a tree to live and enjoy nature at it’s best.
In South Africa, there is an entire tree which has been carved into a bar.

The tree is a baobab.


This tree is called the Sunland Big Baobab and it has been actually converted into a bar. The tree is located on Sunland Farm, Limpopo province. There is also a wine cellar inside the tree.

The pub has its own website.

According to the pub’s website the venue is the wildest documented Baobab (a type of tree which is normally found in the hot, dry savannas of sub-Saharan Africa).
Beautiful from inside.
The trunk of the tree consists of two connected parts and each of these parts has its own enormous hollow which is connected with a narrow passage. The diameter of the tree is 10.64 meters with a height of 19 meters.
Baobabs are unique.
When Baobabs become 1000 years old, they begin to hollow inside and this resulted in wonderful caverns and caves, where the world famous Baobab Tree Bar now surprises visitors.
Has been dubbed “tree bar” by the people.

The bar sits on a farm owned by Doug and Heather van Heerden and it offers an indoor space boasting 13-foot-high ceilings and also the ability to accommodate fifteen people at a time.

Has been a visiting place for tourists.


The tree has become a renowned destination for tourists and they enjoy visiting this place and having a chilled beer.

How old is the tree?


The tree has been carbon dated and its age is estimated to be 1,060 years, plus or minus 75 years.

I bet the tree enjoys it.