How to Have a Happy Relationship According to Science


There is lot of scientific data on how to be happy in a relationship.


• They have 5 positive interactions against one negative

• Whereas divorced couples only had 0.8 positive interaction against one negative

• Happy couples usually have 70% regarding how much they feel satisfied with their romance, passion and sex

• People having a successful marital relationship spend 5 hours more per week being around each other and talking

• The happiest couples on average have sex 2 to 3 times each week

• When people have sex every few days, they usually report 55% higher levels of happiness

• People are likely to have 44% more positive feelings, if they have sex once a week

• Studies have shown that it is a crucial factor to celebrate your partner’s achievement. It will strengthen your relationship.

• According to one study, couples who did this 3x/day for every week, it increased happiness and decreased their depression.


• Couples who enjoy new experiences together have reported they feel supportive and loving to each other, and more satisfied with their relationship.

• Couples who are having a happy relationship bring out the best in each other. They promote each other to be their ”ideal” selves.


• In one research, couples who were asked to remember a memory in which they shared laughter have reported to be more satisfied with their relationship than those promoted to remember good times in their relationship.


• Happy couples tend to defuse the tension in case of a fight

• Whereas unhappy couples do the following things in case of a fight

• Based on a 20-year study in Britain, the couples who are satisfied with their relationship


• Marriage causes a big boost in happiness for 2 years, on average. Afterwards, happiness tend to move back to what they had before their engagement.


• A happy marriage adds an additional $105,000 per year in terms of life satisfaction, whereas death of a spouse decreases it by $308,780 per year

• American couples reveal why they decided to get married



• Couples who put a positive attitude have a 94% chance of having a happy future ahead.

• Immediately after the birth of first baby

• 33%: Feel no change or more satisfaction than before

• 67%: Experience a huge drop in satisfaction


• Married couples are most unsatisfied when their kids are going to preschool

• But once they have grown up, couples experience an increase in their happiness