We are Against WOMEN! Horrifying Reality

This is not for weak hearted people.

“My daughter refuses to obey the order to get undressed. So they ordered her to choose between rape and death. So they started to torture her, cutting off her breasts one at a time with a knife,..” ~Couth Kivu, Congo
Gender equality! 
Ah, you are kidding right? These words are powerful only for some time, because we all forget the truth in our busy schedule.
We forget what is happening around us. We protest for equality while the truth really is that this world hates women.
Everyone has been unfair to them.



In places like China, India and many more girls are killed even before birth. WHY? Because, no one want a girl child.
During pregnancy Women are tortured by her in-laws, because they won’t a boy not a girl.
When a girl takes birth then no celebration is made, because parents worry about the dowry they have to give at the time of her marriage and other issues. But when a boy is born then it is a festival.
Female education is always given less priority. In most of the places they are rather taught to cook, clean utensil, take care of house, because their parents think that this is the only thing girls should do and are meant to do.
After marriage her in-laws want her to give birth only to a boy, and to take care of home (clean utensils, clothes and cook).


Crime rate against women is all time high and is rising day by day.
Every 2 seconds a woman gets raped in our world.
Most of the time she can’t even gather the courage to report it to police.
Why? Because everyone will look at her with disgrace looks, everyone will question, everyone will say that it was her fault.
Even if she gathers the courage to go to court then also it often takes years or even decades in court.
In places like India it can even take 20 or 30 or even 50 years.
After all who is cared for what women deserve their justice and right. People are rather too busy to only shout and boost that they care.
This world could be so much better if we truly respected one another, but the truth is far bitter.