Do you really Love your country? read this

This is why I hate my country
Only the truth have the power to set you free, BUT before that, it will hurt you badly.

Hurt me with burning truth but please never comfort me with a lie.

We all boast about our love for our country, for our motherland, celebrate national festivals, Independence day, but do we really love our motherland! We all have exploited it to the core, exploited every resources, one-another, weak people, women, our freedom, money, animals and everything which you can ever think of.

We boost of our power, strength, technology, but have never used it for peace, prosperity and permanently solving our issues. We only have used everything to feed our pride.

The truth really is that we all hate our our motherland, for if we really have loved it then there would be love and happiness all around, true beauty, care and respect for all being. For love is about mutual respect and surrender. NOT to only sing few National songs and say that we are patriotic.
The rivers we worship and consider holy have actually actually been made most dirty by us.
Women whom we worship during our festival of navratri, are killed by us before birth, and even after that exploited to height.
Shall I say more?
So face the Hard truth that none of us actually love our Country. Yes, we all Hate our motherland, because only when we can hate something, we can have the audacity to exploit it to its destruction.
Peep inside you and tell from your heart, Do you really love or hate your country?