White Model Returns To Hollywood As ‘Black’ And Here’s Her Transformation Reality

White Model Returns To Hollywood As ‘Black’ And Here’s Her Transformation Reality

White Model Returns To Hollywood As 'Black' And Here's Her Transformation Reality

Although, we as the people living in the modern world have started believing that beauty is not a factor of age or color of the skin, yet there’s always something new to discover always on the go.

A white glamour model who spent £50,000 on surgery in a bid to transform herself into an ‘exotic Barbie’ appeared on TV to tell the world she now ‘identifies as a black woman’. The former air hostess who then turned into a model claims that she has boosted her breasts to a size 32S and used tanning injections and her own powerful 50-tube sunbed to achieve her ‘dark, crispy brown’ complexion.

The German tanning addict, who claims her breasts are ‘Europe’s biggest’, appeared on The Maury Show where she told the host: ‘I am black. That is my race. I can’t wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty. ‘It’s better to be black, the feeling inside is just better.’

So, let’s look at some pictures of her and how her transformation took place.


Meet Martina Big

Meet Martina Big
This is Martina Big, an ex-air hostess who has size 32S boobs, who reportedly had only 3 tanning injections earlier this year, originally said that she did not want to be a black woman but enjoyed the contrast between her straight blonde hair and her extreme tan.

This is her picture when she was blonde…

This is her picture when she was blonde...
One of her modeling days pictures when she used to be a blonde in those days.

Posing her beauty…

Posing her beauty...
Martina also said that she believed her fans were only initially irritated by her transformation because they had never seen a white girl become “African dark” before. She says she also loves to see people’s shock when they see her on the street. They are wondering, she says, “How is this possible?”

She took three injections…

She took three injections...
In January, Martina had three melanin boosting injections that have turned her a deep shade of mahogany. ‘I am the proud owner of black skin,’ she tells the audience. ‘If they start fading, I won’t feel less black. I will ask them for more.’

Her fans were shocked…

Her fans were shocked...
The Mirror newspaper first reported on Martina’s skin transformation in April. According to the report, the German model’s fans were shocked at that time by the change of her fair skin into a “dark crispy brown.”

How does she feel?

How does she feel?
When asked if she thinks she’s offending people who were born black, she said: ‘No, I don’t want to. I know some feel attacked but it’s not my intention. I do it for myself and only talk to people who want to talk with me about this.’

The natural things on her body…

The natural things on her body...
According to Mirror, she would not change the color of her eyes or her eyebrows. She said that they would be the only “natural things” that she would keep.

And she again started her acting career

And she again started her acting career
3 months after the first report of her skin transformation, however, Martina has released a film of a recent visit to Hollywood. She says it is her first since becoming a “black woman.”

Boyfriend is also participating…

Boyfriend is also participating...
Martina’s supportive boyfriend Michael has also taken a course of tanning injections as well. He says that he does not want to get as dark as Martina but that he supports and likes her new look a lot.

And the plans?

And the plans?
Michael says that it is a “great feeling” being at Martina’s side as the “boyfriend of the woman with the largest breasts in Europe.” He hopes that she will continue to inflate her breasts and lips, get even more tanned and even have implant surgery to increase the size of her butt.

What do you think?

What do you think?
And that’s how she transformed herself into a Black woman with African hair.

Do you think, it was worth or was it a foolish step?