16 Strange Technology Devices That Our Ancestors Used Back In The Day

16 Strange Technology Devices That Our Ancestors Used Back In The Day


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A lot of us have a difficult time remembering a time without iPhones, androids and any other of the latest technology. Remember flip phones? Some of us don’t even know what those are. Such a crazy thought.

But believe it or not, technology has actually been going through changes for decades. We don’t even realize how far it goes back until browsing the web and seeing for our own very eyes. It goes back as far as the 1900s.

Most of the stuff we won’t even know what it is until we read about it. Here are 16 strange technology devices that our ancestors used back in the day. Prepare to appreciate your phone even more after reading these!


1. Back when there was no such thing as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, people sent out letters. And used a stamp lubricator in the early 20th century to make it easier for them.

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2. People used to love the smell of tobacco, so they used Parenty’s smoking machine to spray the smell around their homes. They treated it like perfume.

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3. Gas mask baby strollers were used during World War II due to high risk of gas attacks. Parents would put it on when taking their kids out.

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4. In the early 20th century, parents were worried their kids weren’t getting enough sunlight and fresh air. So they created ‘baby cages’ that would hang out of the window. Yeesh.

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5. Smoking was really popular back in the day. In fact, people loved it so much they used multipack cigarette holders, allowing them to smoke multiple cigarettes at the same time.

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6. The cyclomer was for those who loved cycling on water. But it wasn’t very useful on land so it never really became that popular. Still pretty cool idea though!

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7. Back in the day, there was no television. If there was, it wasn’t as popular as the radio. The ‘Man from Mars Radio Hat’ let people to literally wear a radio on their heads.

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8. In the 1930s, two people invented a device that consisted of a roller and shovel attached to each vehicle. It was meant to lift a pedestrian that was hit by the shovel. It was called a pedestrian lifesaver.

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9. Cone masks? Yepp. They were made to protect people from the weather…specifically the snow. They not only looked silly but were pretty dangerous to wear in crowded places.

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10. Today, being sick means watching Netflix in bed. But back then, they had a bed piano which allowed people to play the piano while they were bedridden.


11. Honestly, an ice mask sounds pretty cool. You could use it when you’ve been under the sun for too long or you need to cure a hangover. We need this back today.


12. Parents in the 1900s didn’t have access to a pram. Back then they used a baby sling. The idea is cute, but actually seeing photos of it makes me uneasy.

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13. This looks way more dangerous than most of the toys kids have today. It could be a great family-friendly invention but the Goofybike didn’t last for a reason…

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14. How did people keep afloat in the 1900s? By simply attaching materials from old bike tires to their bodies. Creative invention but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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15. Dimples are an adorable feature. In the 1930s, people loved them so much somebody actually invented a dimple maker. Wasn’t the safest tool, however.

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16. Well, this device was for all those men who didn’t have self-control back then and needed something to help. This totally has the potential of making a comeback.

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