4 Year Old Indian Girl Tragically Beheaded In Tantric Ceremony

News about cult ceremonies that’s depicted to be so bizarre and creepy have attracted worldwide attention time and time again. And a new terrifying case of a bizarre ceremony raises public debate. It is publicized that a 4-Year old girl was beheaded for a tantric ceremony. 3 people who was involved in the said ceremony have been charged with murder after pouring boiling oil on a four year old before they beheaded her as part of a tantric religious sacrifice.


A tantric and two accomplices got arrested at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. The remains of the victim, named Surjo, was found in a field leaving everyone who saw the body so terrified. Surjo had been “beheaded, her fingers cut off and her hair burnt to a cinder”.


According to the police, the three suspects had apparently poured boiling oil on the girl before beheading and mutilating her. The authorities were looking for a woman who had handed over the girl to the tantric after he had told her to sacrifice a child to be cleansed spiritually.

The human sacrifice is called “Bali”, it is known to be a rampant case in north India. But local authorities treat it casually just as they treat “dowry deaths” in which young women are burnt alive when their greedy in-laws fail to extract more dowry from their parents.

Source : theweirdworld.net