6 Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

We might hate wearing bras, but we can’t do without them either. So these few hacks will make your life so much easier, trust us!

Bras are definitely on the list of most annoying things a woman has to work with throughout her life, right ladies? You can add menstrual cramps and waxing to that list. Oh, the things we women have to do. Now we all know, we can’t do without bras, so let’s see how we can make our lives better with these simple bra hacks.


1. Washing

Hand wash your bras instead of throwing them in the washing machine. I know it’s a little time consuming but it’s worth it. The softness will remain and it will increase the lifespan of your bras.

2. Drying

If you don’t want your bras to lose their shape, then never put them in the dryer. The heat in the dryer will cause the elasticity of your bras to wear away faster. Hang them to dry, instead. The shape will remain intact and it won’t ruin the cup technology.


3. Storage

Always store bras with the cups open. Either stack them up one after the other or hand them on a hanger. If you fold your bras with one cup on top of the other, bumps will be created on the cups/pads and you won’t be comfortable in them.

4. Old Bras

Use old bras by sewing the cups on strapless or backless dresses. That way, you won’t need to wear those uncomfortable silicone pads and you’ll be able to dance the night away!

5. Rotation

Always rotate between your bras every day, switch them up to maintain the elasticity of your bras!

6. Sizing

There is one extremely simple rule that you can follow while shopping for bras. Lift your arms over your head, if the band of your bra lies flat on your rib-cage with the cups containing all of your breasts, it’s the right size.

Now that you know these hacks, put these to use and tell us your experiences in the comments section below!

Source : swirlster.ndtv.com