Video: Father Rescued His 6-Year-Old Son From Kidnappers After 9 Months Of Abduction

Losing their child can be the greatest pain for any parent. But, what if you suddenly spot your child years after losing them? In one such poignant tale, a father and son’s reunion has tugged at the heart of Netizens. A six-year-old boy, Cheng Jiafu lived with his aunt at his family home in the Chinese region of Qingxin, and was kidnapped nine months ago from his residence. When his parents came to know, a huge search operation took place but the police force couldn’t find him.


Little did his father Chen Zhonghong know that he would find his son with a human trafficking gang at a mall. Nine months later, Zhonghong was randomly walking through the Qingxin Town Plaza he spotted his son with three suspected human traffickers. According to Qingxin News reports, without letting the traffickers notice, he grabbed his son and then notified the police around him. The three kidnappers have been arrested and they have been sentenced for two, three and six years in prison respectively.

Watch the video: