What Does Your Blood Type Reveal About Your Personality?

Do you know that your blood group type can tell a lot about your personality? It can reveal the good and bad sides of your personality. Now, let’s have a look that what blood types possess which kind of qualities for any person and which blood type is compatible with another.


Blood Type O

Those who have blood type O are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, even though they do not always finish what they start. These people are creative and popular, and also very self-assured.

Blood Type A

Those belonging to this blood type are perfectionists; they tend to be balls of nerves on the inside. Type A’s can be shy, are dedicated, honest, and sensitive.

Blood Type B

Type B’s are very ambitious, desire success and are strong minded. These people will start a task and continue it until completed, they do not leave it unfinished. Type B’s are the individualists of the blood group categories and find their own way in life.

Blood Type AB

Type AB’s are the split personalities of the blood groups. People who have this blood type can be outgoing and shy, confident and timid. It is a fact that too much responsibility can cause them a problem. They are honest and like to help others.

Compatibility by blood groups

A is most compatible with A and AB
B is most compatible with B and AB
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A and O
O is most compatible with O, and AB

Blood Type A

Best Traits: Conservative, shy, quiet, patient, punctual and idealist.
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight.
Famous As: George H. W. Bush, Ayumi Hamasaki, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears, Alan Alda, Adolf Hitler, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jet Li, Maki Nomiya, Rick James.


Blood Type B

Best Traits: Creative, passionate, they love animals, positive, flexible and individualistic.
Worst Traits: Forgetful, do not show a proper sense of responsibility, and self-centered.
Famous Bs: Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young.

Blood Type AB

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, introverted and empathic.
Worst Traits: Antisocial, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.
Famous ABs: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi, Jackie Chan, Ken Kitamura.

Blood type O

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, strong and self-assured. They are natural leaders.

Worst Traits: Arrogant, self-obsessed, insensitive and hard-hearted.

Famous Os: Al Capone, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Gotti, Crystal Kay, Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan.

Blood Type A – People who have this type of blood tend to be cooperative, sensitive, clever, passionate and smart. They often suppress the anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode. Some of them are tense, not patient and cannot sleep well. In Japan, those who have blood type “A” have roles in discovering more about and refining science, economics or manufacturing. Their research on microflora and other areas of medicine is some of the best and most meticulous in the world. They are perfectionists to say the least.

If they are under stress, their immunity can weaken. Low stomach acid is common among blood type A’s even from birth. According to this, they should take special care when eating animal proteins. They must use digestive enzymes, like Assist Dairy and Protein, along with consuming fermented foods and drinks. In the Japanese Diet, fermented foods like Miso and Natto play an important role. They provide easily digested protein. They also eat raw fish which is much easier to digest than cooked.

Blood Type B

They are compassionate, easily understanding others’ points of view. They do not want to challenge or confront. Chameleon-like and flexible, they make good friends.

Blood Type AB

Tend to be very charming and popular. Only about 2 – 5% of the populace are blood type AB. There is never a boring moment in an AB’s life. If you find one for a friend, consider yourself lucky.

Just like blood type A’s, AB’s react to stress poorly. These individuals are stronger and more active when compared to type A’s, but need to pay attention to stress levels.

When talking about food choices an AB must discover when they are more B-like or A-like. For instance, dairy foods like milk kefir can be excellent for them or not good at all.

Blood Type O

They do not want to associate with others. They are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and daring. They can handle stress better than other blood types. These people have strong immune systems, a well developed physique and a physically active nature.

Can you tell what is your blood type. Do you think that this is true?