5 Uncomfortable Feelings That Let You Know You’re on the Right Path


Oftentimes it can be difficult to discern the difference between change and unhappiness.  Change is a natural part of life, and with it comes a myriad of different emotions.  When we start to feel uncomfortable with where we are in life, or where we think we’re headed, it often means that we are at the crux of change, and how we cope with this process says a lot about us.


Never fear change; change simply implies that you have to gain a new perspective or understanding.  Recognize those feelings of uneasiness or discomfort as steps that have been taken in the right direction.

Here are five uneasy feelings one gets when they’re on the right path:

Feeling lost or without direction – This feeling might as well be the story of my life.  Does anyone really know what they want out of life?  It’s a hard question to answer.  Feeling lost is often confused as a negative emotion, when it actually means that you’re starting to live in the present moment.  Living outside of the narrative you have in your head regarding your life can be tough, but it’s a good thing.  Get used to living in the moment, it’s where you want to be.

Left Brain Fuzziness – The right hemisphere of our brain is associated with intuition, creativity and emotions.  As you start to activate your right brain hemisphere more often, the left side of your brain gets a little groggy.  Tasks that involve organization, intense focus, and attention to detail will come less easy to you than they did before, but have no fear, you’re in a good place.

Having a strong need to be alone – I get this feeling often, although I admit that I can be introverted at times.  When you find yourself suddenly uninterested in socializing with anyone this is a sign that you’re simply rebooting your system.  People’s problems and antics can wane on you, leaving you exhausted or feeling a little disconnected.  It’s all good, just take some time for yourself.

Feeling like your dreams are failing – Remember that life narrative that I mentioned earlier?  Well, for some, the image of one’s life is very fragile, leaving one feeling depressed when certain things don’t pan out the way he or she expected them to.  Having big dreams is a good thing, always strive to achieve what you want to achieve, but also know that reality is much different than the picture being painted in your head.

Strive to align your thoughts, feelings and emotions with with who you truly are and the reality you create for yourself will be better than the one being thought up in your mind.

Realizing you are responsible for your life and happiness – It can be scary having the sudden realization that you are the only person responsible for your well-being and happiness.  Scary, because if your life suddenly takes a turn for the worse, there’s no one to turn to but yourself.  However, this feeling is a good thing, as it is the only true way to live freely.  Always keep it in your head that you are responsible for your you, no one else.