Truth of Being in Love With Someone Who Have No Future


to be in love. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world – the feeling that warms our bellies full of butterflies, and makes us smile for absolutely no reason at all.

The feeling that makes us move across the world, forget old plans, and dream bigger than we ever thought we would.

As the Beatles once said, all you need is love, but is that true? Don’t we also need compatibility? And similar visions? And timing?

And what about the two people who make absolutely no sense on paper: they’re from different parts of the world, they work completely different jobs, and it makes no sense that they even met – let alone fell in love.

So, does love conquer all?

The sad truth is that sometimes it doesn’t. Perhaps in some twisted world, had we met at different times in our lives, things would be different – things would be easier; things would work out.

But here’s the thing: timing does matter. And when we meet someone at the wrong time, it’s not going to magically make sense just because we want it to.

We dream, we fantasize about it coming together – but will it ever, really?

Will we ever cross an ocean to be with them? Will they ever move mountains to be with us? Will things be different years down the line? Will we feel the same way about marriage and babies at one point or another?

Do things like this fall into place with time, or are we just simply doomed for heartbreak and disappointment?

That’s the thing about love: we can meet one of our soulmates at the wrong time in our lives, and somehow never end up together.

And although we’d like to think that all love is beautiful, easy, and happy, there is a somber side to it too. A side that isn’t so easy. A side where two people could love each other for their entire lives – but never actually get to spend it together.

Somehow, that doesn’t stop us from loving. Perhaps one day there will be heartbreak, a reality where our fantasies to be together are eventually broken and put away.

But until then, we don’t fail to love. We don’t fail to love because of reason, or doubt, or sensibility.

Because sometimes love doesn’t make sense – and we decide to love anyway.