Someone Hacked NASA ….. and Look what they Found! [Video]


The story is quite incredible and makes a potential NASA hack of all times. So there is this guy, a computer hacker, who one day figured he would hack into i.a. NASA computers to search for evidence of aliens and alien technology as he heard NASA (and other US government agencies) may be hiding something from the public.

And so he did. Quite simply. As it turned out the NASA computer network defense systems were literally non-existent. Not only some of their machines, holding tons of secret data, were running on Windows, but were still “secured” with the default administrator password provided with every fresh installation of the system. So job was easy.

Yet, true shock came later, when he realized he was on to something. As he was sniffing around the network he managed to access secret information that confirmed his suspicions. McKinnon’s NASA hack was detected, eventually, and US requested his extradition to face a trial. Ever since McKinnon has found himself entangled in a legal struggle over the extradition, as the Americans accused him of causing nearly 1 million USD worth of damage to computers he had hacked and he was likely to face many decades in prison.

Watch the Video below: