BBC, CNN News Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attacks In Syria


Some chillingFOOTAGE has been released by CNN whistleblowers and other activists. We should know by now that CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and other mainstream media networks are reporting on fake news. It’s been admitted, reported, and recorded. If you’re still not convinced there is, even more, evidence below.

Charles Jaco, a famous news reporter for CNN is most known for his ‘heroic’ live coverage of the Persian Gulf War back in 1991. At the time Americans and other citizens around the world were naive to the propaganda that CNN was inducing. However, with the growing awareness of government corruption, we are mostly aware now. If you still believe anything that these major news companies are reporting then you need to intensely reevaluate how gullible you are.

Charles Jaco is mostly known for his reports on the Persian Gulf War, however, with this newFOOTAGE released we know, it’s fake. Charles Jaco among the staff of CNN staged the entire thing, but why? Well, it goes deeper than you think. According to whistleblowers, CNN was paid by the Saudi Arabian government to report ‘good coverage’. The newscast was meant to make the Saudi Arabian government look progressive. However, they are quite the opposite, according to former CNN reporter, Amber Lyon.

Amber Lyon joined Charles Jaco on their journey to Bahrain. In an interview with Alex Jones on his alternative media news broadcast, InfoWars, she states that she saw people being gassed, suffering, and pro-democratic protesters were being terrorized. She then explains how they were heavily detained, and the Saudi Arabian government assumed they had deleted all of the tapes. Well, after the layoff of Amber Lyon, and 59 other CNN employees who were known for reporting the real truth, the tape was released. And it is absolutely stunning.

The first part of the clip shows how Charles Jaco is clowning around with the CNN staff in between cuts. While laughter is good on the job, they are supposedly on the scene of a ‘tragedy’. It also shows the Saudi ArabianHOTEL they were staying at in the background – a completely different backdrop than the newscast originally aired in 1991.


Here’s the Satellite dishes and wooden platforms used at the time, this is at the rear of the hotel, which looks just like the front does. The strange forms on the green surface at the bottom are a miniature golf course. It’s between the hotel building and the pool area.

To the right, you can additionally see two US soldiers standing outside of the very sameHOTEL

The second part of the video is a live CNN stream that was recorded onto VHS. it shows the final cut. While Jaco is wearing a different jacket, he is certainly acting the same. He even wore a gas mask, alongside his partner Carl Rochelle who was wearing a helmet. In the first part of the video, you can even see them playing with props. One being a fake missile. It is extremely obvious that the sirens, missiles, and explosions in the background were all part of a stage set. While the camera never zooms out or pans up to the sky they seem to be terrified of chemical weapons being dropped on them from above – they didn’t seem very scared when they weren’t recording; in fact, Jaco was laughing, and being humorous. Notice the environment is completely quiet too.


The American people are being misinformed by the masses. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, and other news networks are reporting on absolute fake news. Until the revolution, question everything my fellow Americans. The people are waking up.