Popular Workouts that are laughably Ineffective

Fitness may be your top priorty in the yeat 2015. You may be scared to pen down your fitness goals as you may have broken them too many times already Pause and consider for a moment- is there something wrong with what you believe is a good way workout regime?
People believe that any kind of work out would do their body good. But studies prove that there are a few exercises which are a complete waste of time and energy, have no significant benefits and could sometimes even harm your body. Take a look at these exercises and think twice before going for the useless grind

1. Sit Ups and Crunches: These exercises completely focus on the abdominal muscles and do not work for any other body parts. Additionally, studies prove that these exercises actually put a lot of strain on the back and could cause back pain.

2. Lat Pull Down Behind the Head: This exercise can only be done by people who have a very flexible body and can keep their spine straight while pulling the lat down. People who are unable to keep their spine straight could end up hurting their shoulders or even muscle tear in the shoulders.

3. Workout on Ab Machines: According to experts, ab machines do not exercise the abdominal muscles properly, as these machines allow the user to move their arms and legs which means that the main strength of the body is not put to good use.

4. Leg Extensions: The regime which one follows on a leg extension machine does not copy any of the actions which we perform in our daily lives and are not really very helpful. According to physical trainers they generally focus on quadriceps. Thus, there are chances that people engaging in these exercises could hurt their hamstrings.

5. Extending Triceps: This exercise is not a very practical one as it is not easy to reach ones back with upper arms on the side of ears and elbows pointing upwards. Improper technique could actually lead to severe neck pain.

6. Full Squats: These are actually great for the upper legs but if done in the wrong way and without expert advice could actually cause strain in the knee joints and the lower back.
7. Stretches: People believe that stretching would help them to stretch out more. On the contrary, muscles resist being stretched too much and contract. Thus, putting undue pressure on them could cause muscle tear and pain.

8. Spot Reduction: Spot reduction exercises are a complete waste of time. By working on a spot, you can develop muscles in the area, but to reduce inches from a particular area, one needs to engage in other calorie burning exercises.

9. Long Cardio Exercises: Too much of cardio exercises could actually leave you drained out and might force you to give up on other exercises which are necessary to tone your muscles.

10. Twisting and Bending the Waist: These exercises provide flexibility but do not help in shedding inches from the waistline. These could also result in injuries of lower back if done inappropriately.
Make sure to avoid wasting time on these exercises and instead focusing on a work out regime which be beneficial for your body.
source: webmd.com