She begged for the ship to honk its horn, 10 Million Have Watched Her Regret It Immediately

They say you should be careful what you wish for because it might actually come true. If you believe in things like The Secret and other new age theories you can attract just about anything that you want into your life using the powers of your thoughts and emotions.

Whether it be fortune, fame, success, or love.

All you have to do is figure out what you want and believe with all your heart and soul that not only it is possible to achieve this goal but you are also worthy of the things your heart can dream up.

Then visualize what it is you want, feel the emotions of what it would be like to reach your goal and pretend that your dream has already manifested. Then it should sometime soon… or a least that’s what the mystical philosophy tells us.

Vilma from Sweden probably didn’t use any magical or scientific means to get what she wanted, but she did. And it looks like no one warned her about being careful about your wish.

Young Vilma was standing at the edge of a pier and was overjoyed to see massive ships sail in and out of port.

She was in awe of their massive structure and knew she wanted just one thing. For one of the giant ships to honk its horn. So she made the international hand gesture for a truck or ship to honk its horn by pretending like she’s pulling the rope on the bus to signify her stop.

She doesn’t succeed at first so she not only does the hand gesture, but she also calls out “toot toot” mimicking the sound of the horn. Apparently, the sound of the horn is the same in all languages “toot toot.”

Still no honking.

She doesn’t give up and keeps on going with her “honk the horn” gestures and toots. Her persistence eventually pays off. The ship finally sees her request and lets out a several very loud and long honks.

Vilma wasn’t quite prepared for the mighty sound that came out of that ship.

She leaped up at the first sound of the horn and bolted towards her mother who laughed.

Apparently, what she wished for wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and failed to live up to Vilma’s expectations. You can see her adorable reaction in the video below.