5 Hollywood Stars Who Used Body Doubles To Shoot Intimate Scenes

Films are getting bolder and that certainly seems not to be going down too well with the Indian censor board at least. But censor board is not the only one with an issue against intimate scenes certain actors too have their bizarre clauses against faking it for the camera or even shedding clothes. In fact, most of the popular stars have outright denied to do bold scenes on screen.

That is where the body doubles of these stars come handy. Check out the Bollywood and Hollywood stars who used doubles to shoot their intimate scenes.

Jamie Dornan – 50 Shades Of Grey

The film unravelling BDSM on screen had a Canadian model named Peter James Gray do the intimate scenes instead of Jamie Dornan.


Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

A popular Hollywood double Michelle did the intimate scene for Julia Roberts in this popular Hollywood film.



Mila Kunis – Friends With Benefits

The actress did not do the sex scenes in the film with Justin Timberlake. A look-alike was instead used and Mila admitted to it.


Emilia Clarke – Game Of Thrones

All her intimate scenes upto season 5 were done by a double till she got comfortable doing it herself


Isla Fisher – Wedding Crashers

Starring mostly in comedy films she choose that a double would be better suited to do the sex scenes as physically it would look more convincing.