Newborn Baby dumped in Dustbin for being a Girl, Was Being Eaten By Ants

WARNING: Story contains graphic content that may disturb some readers.

This story is contributed by Dipanjana Debnath

  • A baby girl abandoned by her parents is fighting for her life after she was rescued from a bin.
  • She was found fully covered in ants and dirt in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Police deem that the parents dumped her in rubbish because she is a girl.

A NEWBORN baby girl was discovered in a garbage bag after she was dumped on the side of the road in terrible conditions, covered in ants. Bhopal Police deems that the baby may have been abandoned by her parents because they wanted a boy.

A passerby who heard cries found this severely underweight baby abandoned in a bin, fully covered in ants.

Abandoned in a Bin: A newborn baby girl was found dumped in bin along a roadside in Bhopal, India Dheeraj Rathore, an owner of a tea stall, heard a baby’s cry as he was passing by a bin on Saturday early morning in Bhopal, Central India.

Dheeraj explained: “I was passing through the bin when I heard the cries of a baby.”

“I was shocked to see an infant’s head sticking out of a red polythene bag in a garbage vat among the bushes.”

“Ants were all over her head and body.” He added.

Dheeraj was horrified to find the baby girl crying, shivering, and struggling to breathe. He immediately asked for help from his two friends, and then they removed all the ants and dirt from the newborn’s body, wrapped her carefully in a cloth and took her to a nearby hospital. Doctors told that the baby’s condition is serious, she is underweight and weighs just 3.5 lbs, whereas the normal weight for a baby of her age should be between 5.5 lbs and 8.8 lbs.

The doctor also found several marks and bruises on the newborn’s body which could be a sign of physical abuse. Bhopal Police have registered a case and are trying to locate her parents.

In many parts of India, families prefer male child over the female child which is a serious concern even in today’s time, with fewer than 800 girls are born for every 1,000 boys in some states.

According to the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), almost 77% of Indian parents want to live with their sons in their old age, which shows the mindset of most Indian parents.

This tragic choice is due to many reasons– the daughters are more of a financial liability because traditionally they have to be married off with a heavy dowry, they leave their family and are not there to take care of them or provide economic support to their parents. Moreover, sons are considered as the potential heirs to family property and business.

The government may launch plenty of schemes but what is truly required is a change from within us. We need to change our thought processes at the grassroots level and pass on them to our next generation. It is only then that we will be able to fight and eliminate gender bias.

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