Media Blackout Over “Unimaginable” Radiation Levels Detected at Fukushima… MOX Fuel Melts Through Reactor Floor… Half Life of 24,000 Years

Have you ever been convinced that the apocalypse was here, because the world is controlled by complete morons who are convinced that nothing but their pocketbook matters? Yeah, us, too.


The most recent develop toward the impending hellscape occurred at Fukushima – remember that nuclear disaster back in 2011? Well, surprise, surprise – it’s way worse than the media are reporting. In fact, we’ve recently learned that radiation levels at reactor #2 are now clocking in at 530 sieverts per hour.
To put that number in perspective: Exposure to just five sieverts in a short amount of time has a 50% kill rate among humans. When it comes to radiation exposure, the intensity of the exposure (which is the inverse of the duration of exposure) matters a lot. Absorbing five sieverts of radiation over a year’s time is not fatal, but exposure to five sieverts in just 60 seconds, for example, will almost certainly kill you from radiation poisoning (it’s a miserable way to die, by the way).
The level of radiation measured inside Fukushima reactor No. 2 is 530 sieverts per hour, or over 100 times the intensity necessary to kill most humans who are exposed for just a short time.
The melted fuel rods which are generating this radiation have apparently bored a hole through the floor of the containment vessel, meaning they may be very close to coming into contact with ground water or ocean water (or may have already struck it). Melting fuel rods also vastly increases the risk of nuclear fuel criticality which could “explode” the deadly radioactive elements into the open atmosphere. Yeah, it’s not good.
Basically we’re looking at the world’s largest dirty bomb, just waiting to explode; the remaining fuel rods could explode at literally any moment. Even right now, the radiation is so intense that robots built to explore the wreckage can only survive for a few hours before their circuits are destroyed. Thus, there’s almost no scenario in which Japan, Tepco or anybody in the world figures out how to clean up the wreckage, reclaim the melting fuel rods and reestablish control over the nuclear reactions that are still ongoing.
You can’t even successfully build a containment vessel on top of it all because the melting nuclear fuel has already burned a massive hole in the floor and is melting its way into the ground water.
Even better, some of that fuel is MOX fuel, which contains plutonium-239 that boasts a half life of 24,000 years. So sometime in the year 26000 A.D. the Fukushima nightmare will be HALF as toxic as it is right now.
The only solution to all this, it turns out, is something that doesn’t exist: Superman. Essentially, Tepco needs Superman to pull the fuel out of reactor No. 2. He can pull it off because, thankfully, Fukushima fuel rods aren’t made from Kryptonite.
The problem with this solution, of course, is that Superman is a fictional superhero, not an actual person. So yeah, we’re screwed.
No, seriously. We are six years into this disaster. TEPCO admits they still can’t find the fuel rods. There’s a one-meter hole burned in the floor. The radiation levels are skyrocketing to “unimaginable” intensity. When they send in robots, they get fried in two hours or less. Humans are killed almost instantly…