Day: February 12, 2017

The Ingenious Floating Gardens of the Ancient Aztecs


Discovering the Aztec Empire in the year 1519, Cortez found 200,000 people who lived on an island, in the center of a lake.  Tenochtitlan which is now better known as Mexico City, must have been the biggest, most well fed city in the world of it’s time. Surrounded completely by water, the Aztecs built floating […]

Media Blackout Over “Unimaginable” Radiation Levels Detected at Fukushima… MOX Fuel Melts Through Reactor Floor… Half Life of 24,000 Years


Have you ever been convinced that the apocalypse was here, because the world is controlled by complete morons who are convinced that nothing but their pocketbook matters? Yeah, us, too. The most recent develop toward the impending hellscape occurred at Fukushima – remember that nuclear disaster back in 2011? Well, surprise, surprise – it’s way […]

Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old


Life is short. Here are the top 37 things you’ll regret when you’re old. 1. Not traveling when you had the chance. Traveling becomes infinitely harder the older you get, especially if you have a family and need to pay the way for three-plus people instead of just yourself. 2. Not learning another language. You’ll […]

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