Day: February 9, 2017

Lychee Fruit Cause Of Mysterious Disease That Plagued Indian Town

Baby Girl

Every spring since 1995, a mysterious disease has been plaguing India, claiming the lives of hundreds of children in the town of Muzaffarpur in Bihar. The young victims suffered sudden convulsions and seizures before slipping into a coma. Symptomatically, the disease is said to resemble encephalitis, a disease that causes brain inflammation. In 2014, more […]

7 Mistakes That 99% of Women Are Making


There is a myth that people fall in love at first sight, and their love is eternal. However, this isn’t how anyone would build a house, make a career or recover from an illness.   I think it’s the woman who makes the relationship. Do you know why I don’t give consultations to guys? Because, as a rule, men only want me to prove that women are wrong. That’s all they expect […]

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