An Enormous Mysterious Crack Just Opened Up In The Middle Of The Arizona Desert

In Pinal County, Arizona a big crack roughly 2 miles long has opened the earth.


Drone footage has captured this massive fissure splitting the land located in the Tator Hills area of southern Pinal County, Arizona. The video was uploaded by the Arizona Geological Survey. 

You can see the locals and visitor stunned by this extraordinary fissure literally separating a chunk of earth.

It’s estimated by Joe Cook from the AGS that this crack has been forming since early 2014. It’s likely it began because of heavy rainfall. The southern half of the fissure is newer and continuing to grow.
There have been multiple reports of fissures opening up all around the world. South Africa and Antarctica are starting to see a lot of them. Over the past year more than 3,000 incidents have been reported. What could this mean and why is this happening?
This could be a major problem but until we know for sure we must stay safe and be aware of this issue.