Keanu Reeves is one of those few Hollywood celebrities fortunate enough to possess a personal fountain of youth. The actor celebrated his 53rd birthday last month, yet looks 35 at best. It’s like he keeps an aging painting of himself in his attic.


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How does he do it? Throughout the years, many people have been wondering this same question and have taken upon themselves to discover his secret.

For instance, you must have heard about the longstanding notion that Reeves is immortal and has lived through time with many identities such as Charlemagne and Paul Monet. You can’t help but notice the striking resemblance with both these men. Furthermore, they both died under ‘unusual circumstances’.

Charlemagne crowned his son just before he died. It’s like he knew he was going to “die”. Also, his burial was rushed during cold weather. Some believe they needed to bury a body to avoid suspicion.

On the other hand, the French actor Paul Monet reportedly died in 1922, but his body was never found. Therefore, some took this as a sign he’s still alive and well, performing in movies under the name Keanu Reeves.

During an interview, Keanu has addressed the uncanny resemblance with the two men. He said: “I can see we have a likeness in the eyes, and the nose… and the mustache, and the beard, and the cheekbones, and the forehead.”

And when asked how come he looks like he’s 32, he simply responded with an eerie smile: “My ancestors”. The Matrix star further went on to explain that he doesn’t use any kind of special anti-aging cream.

Well, there you have it. Now, we finally know why Keanu Reeves never seems to age. Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with such good genes. It seems us mere mortals will have to get by with other methods to preserve our beauty with age.