Man Ignores ‘Don’t Touch’ Sign, Instantly Regrets Tapping On The Glass Of The Shark Tank

Man Ignores ‘Don’t Touch’ Sign, Instantly Regrets Tapping On The Glass Of The Shark Tank

Humans are always attracted to the things that they are warned away from. This is the “forbidden fruit” principle. When we are told to stay away from something or we are told not to touch it, this only serves to heighten our desire to disobey. When we’re visiting various locations, we are often greeted by signs that tell us not to touch certain things.

While most of us are fine with the idea, there are others who simply cannot leave well enough alone. We know that all types of bad things can happen when we refuse to listen to instructions. However, every group of people is going to have the one daredevil who steadfastly refuses to listen. These people can be the life of the party and they can also cause a great deal of trouble.

Casey and Gregory recently paid a visit to the International Spy Museum. This is the type of museum that is bound to contain certain signage when it comes to protecting their artifacts. After all, you do not know what kind of damage can be done if a person is allowed to touch whatever they want. This lesson was driven home for the two men almost immediately.

They decided to check out one of the museum’s most infamous exhibits of all. The virtual shark is a commonly visited exhibit at this museum and for good reason. Gregory decides that he is going to be the one who touches the exhibit first. The fact that there is a sign that explicitly forbids him from doing so seems to be of precious little concern.

The fake shark did not react too quickly to the initial tap. Most would have been happy to get away with the light touch, but not Gregory! He decides to take another chance and tap on the exhibit in a more forceful manner. It is at this point that he finally learns his lesson. The reaction that takes place has been seen millions of times since and for good reason.

But we do not wish to spoil the clip for all of our viewers. If you would like to see what happened when Gregory decided to tap on the glass for the second time, we urge you to take a moment to watch this clip. You will definitely be screaming with laughter by the time you see what Gregory has managed to get himself into.