Full Moon in Taurus November 4th: Look Forward to Heightened Psychic Awareness

November 3/4th will be the first full moon of the month and the Taurus sign is going to be showering us with abundance in all areas. While it is one of the last few, it is also one of the most important moons of the year.

While November will be a month of much spiritual significance, the fact that it holds the vibration of 11 is more than enough reason to be expecting something amazing. For those who do not know, the number 11 is quite the sacred number in numerology and represents higher consciousness.

The Taurus is more laid-back than most and provides stability to others. Because of the Taurean influence, this full moon is going to have, any seeds you have been tending to in the past month are going to be benefitting you greatly. Your senses will be heightened and any psychic traits you have will be at one of their strongest points.

If your intuition tells you something during this time you would be doing the right thing by listening, it will be at its peak during this full moon and can offer you great insight into just about anything. This full moon will bring about the perfect time for you to plan your success. Plotting your future moves will help to bring about a more solid ground.

This Full Taurus Moon is exalted which means it is the best possible sign for you and everyone else to experience stability and so forth. This full moon will be at 11°58′ and Taurus will be working to strengthen your imagination as well as your intuition as I mentioned above. This all stems down from the positive link it has with the planet, Neptune.

Credit: Astrologyking

This moon compliments the energies we received from the October 19th new moon extremely well. I can already feel the energy beginning to build as I am sure you can too. While it has not quite reached us yet, it is well on its way. All you really need to do during this full moon is follow the steps it lays out for you.

The harmony and intense energy surrounding this moon will be blaring full blast for days after it is gone. Do not ignore it. Allow this energy to take you to places you would never have been able to imagine. With these waves of prosperity, it will feel as if nothing could possibly ever go wrong.

As you most likely know the Universe is always providing us with the things we need. Whether we notice it or not, it is. Stop and look at what is right in front of you and let this Full Moon serve as a reminder that the Universe always has your back. Through this full moon, you will finally be able to regain some of that strength you have been lacking.

If you want to benefit from this energy do not sit idle. Get out there and make your life a better one. The only person standing in your way is YOU.