Woman Responds To Sexist Meme With Personal Story

Woman Responds To Sexist Meme With Personal Story

When a meme made its rounds on the internet, it eventually wound up on Tumblr where one of the greatest stories known to the internet was shared.


The meme featured two side-by-side images both with the same caption: Honey, I found a pic of your grandmother. The difference between the two images was the content and their dates. On the left side, a photo from a hypothetical 2016 had a photo of a woman very modestly dressed from decades ago. The picture on the right featured a photo from a hypothetical 2090 with a young, blonde girl in her underwear posing in the mirror.

When the meme made its way to Tumblr, one user had a story about why risque photos have been around way longer than this meme creator may have thought.

“The year is 2012. It’s Christmas. It’s the first year my sister and I are both home from college, and we’re feeling kind of nostalgic, so we take out the old family photo albums to remember everyone from times past. We’re all on the couch or the floor with hot chocolate and the Dog is curled up under the tree. It’s all very Norman Rockwell,” the story starts.

They continue to rifle through the images, laughing at the ones of their grandparents being goofy. Though, it doesn’t take long before they come across a curious brown envelope.


“Inside are four tickets to the Titanic, unused, and Mom tells us the story of how her ancestors ALMOST came over on the Titanic, but Great-Aunt Liz got the measles and forced everyone into quarantine, thus saving their lives. The OTHER thing in the envelope are seven Photographs, dated 1890. They are of my Great-Great Grandmother. They are nudes. They are NOT tasteful nudes. Like, these are Violating-Terms-Of-Service-On-Most-Platforms- OBSCENE. GGG had these taken waaaaay back in ye olden days, in order to convince her wayward husband to move back to England after he ditched her to party it up in Chicago,” they wrote.

The duo laughed pretty hard at the discovery and used the experience as a friendly reminder that yes, your grandparents probably did some risque stuff back in the day too.