How to Stop Your Bedroom from Killing You?

Humans in general spend a lot of time sleeping. Nearly a third of our lifetime is spent sleeping and napping (or even more). But that is not the only time we’re in bedroom – in beds we read books, make love, watch TV or simply waste time. It is of course very important that this room specifically is tailored to suit your health, as it will affect it the most, along with the kitchen. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

  • Replace your pillow fillings. Most pillows today are filled with organic sponge, which is a breeding ground for mites. There is a plethora of healthier options out there, like feather pillows or seed pillows (seed pillows are great for your spine).
  • Replace all the sheets, covers and mattresses for organic material. Bear in mind that ‘natural’ does not have to mean ‘healthy’ – for example, while cotton is better than synthetics, cotton is usually sprayed heavily with pesticides. Organic is the way to go.
  • Remove artificial leather and particle board furniture. Both artificial leather and particle boards are filled with formaldehyde, which can irritate the throat, aggravates asthma and even cause contact dermatitis. However, particle boards get less toxic as time progresses (it loses a quarter of its toxicity in the first two months of production, and half within a year).
  • Avoid carpeting, if you can. We are naturally inclined to make our bedrooms cozy, but rugs and carpets can turn into a haven for mites and bacteria. They collect dust, and are often treated with antimony, which is a carcinogen.
  • Don’t use VOC paint – at all. VOC paint (volatile organic compound paint) is pollution in a can. When painted, it emits compounds that create ozone – this damages the air quality and a number of respiratory health issues.
  • Replace your sheets, blankets and mattress covers. Follow the same rules for pillows – keep it organic and eco-friendly!
  • Make your bedroom (or even entire home) shoe-free. Lots of nasty substances come into our home via our footwear. Simply prepare a special tray or closet, and prepare extra slippers for any guests coming over. Make sure to let them know about the shoe-free rule – you’d be amazed how many people don’t care what socks they wear.
  • Minimize the electronics. While this should be common knowledge, electrical appliances should be as far from the bedroom as possible. Of course, sometimes this is difficult or even impossible. Even then – do not keep your smartphone close to your head, definitely don’t charge it next to you as you sleep, and turn off the computer during wee hours.

Follow these simple rules, and not only will your health improve, but you’ll sleep better as well.

Source: greenmedinfo