A 35-year-old woman who sought repayment of a Rs 30,000 loan was allegedly thrashedstrippedand paraded on the road by the loanee’s family at Hire Masali village, Indi taluk in Vijayapura district on Sunday.


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Police said Savita Dundaiah Godihal of Hire Masali village had lent Rs 30,000 to another villager Sugura Moulali. Since Moulali had defaulted, Savitha went to his house, demanding her money back.Furious over this, Moulali’s family members, including women, allegedly attacked Savitha. They allegedly tore her clothes and thrashed her before dragging her along the road for half a km, police said.


According to Savitha’s complaint, Moulali’s family allegedly questioned her character. “But when Savitha rejected their charges and kept demanding her money , the family members lost their cool,” police said.


“I pleaded with the women family members to get me some clothes but they did not listen. They treated me brutally ,” Savitha said from her hospital bed. “She is out of danger,” said district surgeon Dr Mahendra Kapse.

A case was filed against Sugura Moulali and eight of his family members.