Be the Perfect Unique Person Who Loves Me

Dear future friend,

I want you to know that I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting for a miracle and I hope you will be mine. I will wait for you and have a place in my life for you.

Don’t get me wrong – I won’t just sit there and do nothing. That doesn’t get me anywhere. I will go out and find you even if I have to look for you everywhere.

I will work on myself. I will try to be a better person every day. I will be happy and shine. I will only find the good in me.

I will deal with new activities where I can meet new people. I will join some organizations. I will take a dance class and help in the shelter. I always wanted to do that, but I never did. Now the time has come.

I’m going out with my friends more, and maybe you’ll be one of their friends I haven’t met yet. Maybe you will be a complete stranger who will show me the right way in a strange city.

I will not be desperate to find you. You will recognize me, I will recognize you. We will get that special feeling when my heart recognizes your heart.

I know it sounds unrealistic. But it will happen because I believe it. I know that you believe in wherever you are.

I’ve been down so many times. I was hurt and devastated by false love. To be honest, I don’t know where I still have the energy from to believe in true love.

I’ll wait for you. I’m so tired of getting on the wrong guys again and again, giving them chances and making the same mistakes over and over again.

This time I’m doing things differently. I will be smarter this time. I’m not just going to rely on my heart. I will have patience and strength and keep my love just for you.

If you are somewhere alone or in a bad relationship now, I’ll give you time to find me – don’t worry. Do you know what I always say: “Good things take time.”

Maybe it’s not always easy with me. Maybe I have too many scars. But give us a chance. Things take time to grow and I already know we’re going to be great.

I know we will be perfect. Perfect may be over the top, but we’re getting close. I know because we’re going to work on things. We make the impossible possible.

I’ll give you the best of me expecting that you will give me the best of you, too.